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The Black Axe


David with Black Axe in front of Uhl Studios


David Uhl’s Black Axe has recently been featured in the motorcycle documentary DVD “The Harbortown Bobber” by directors of the award-winning motorcycle movies “Choppertown: the Sinners” and “Brittown”.

In this short clip from the documentary, biker legend Dennis Goodson shows the Knucklehead bobber he built for David:



David used one of Dennis Goodson’s bikes (Panhead) in his painting: “Stars, Stripes and Stories”, and in 2006 he commissioned Dennis to design and build him his own Knucklehead. Dennis usually limits himself to building one to two bikes per year, and David’s bike consumed him the entire year of 2006. The bike was named “Black Axe”, after as Dennis explains, “its chopped-up gas tank” that boasts its own artistic design. The majority of the motorcycle consists of historical and unique parts dating from 1940 or earlier.

“The Harbortown Bobber” documentary DVD is available at:

To inquire about his work, Dennis Goodson can be reached at: 303-455-4054.



  • Owner – David Uhl
  • Custom 1940 El Knucklehead Engine
  • EL Bottom end with UL Flywheels
  • 74 cubic inch Top End
  • Little Linkert air cleaner by Goodson



  • Flash Gordan Chromed
  • Stock Exhaust customized with Goodson heat shields



  • 1940 Fatbobs axed with waterfall decals inlaid in the sides
  • Gas ball shut-off valve by Goodson



  • 1927 Essex Speedo customized by John Bordas signed by David Uhl
  • Rear fender axed with 1940 HD beehive tail light inlaid by Goodson



  • Front 21” spoker with Avon Tire
  • Rear 16” spoker with Avon Tire

David Uhl's Black Axe

Classic brass finish is tastefully placed throughout the bike

The battery cover was given its own personality with the old-style water faucet handles and dice

Dennis Goodson fabricated the crash bars so they made perfect mounts for the low-slung highway lights

The narrowed gas tank has molded-in sides for the authentic early Harley-Davidson emblems

The speedometer’s face has David’s name inscribed across it. John Bordas reconditioned this old speedometer and added David’s signature

Resource and photos: IronWorks April 2007, Dain Gingerelli