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Motorcycle Art Testimonials!


Over the years I’ve received kind words and much support from so many people. I can’t thank them enough.



Below are just a few examples:


- “Being involved in my industry for so many years, I have seen a lot of motorcycle imagery. I first saw David’s work, Ruby, at Harley’s 95th Anniversary party in Milwaukee. I was drawn to it because he captured the rich history and heritage of motorcycling. It was the first motorcycle art I had seen that could accomplish that.

I had the pleasure of meeting David in 2001. Through the years I have collected many of his signature pieces and am happy to consider him a friend. I have at least 8 original paintings and another 10 giclée limited edition prints.

I am excited to see what David comes up with next.”



John Parham
J & P Cycles

National Motorcycle Museum



- “Once our dealership began selling licensed Harley-Davidson fine art, David Uhl quickly gained a loyal following with our customers. His visits for our art events have been hugely successful. I’ve personally added several of David’s works to my own collection and look forward to seeing what he has in store for us in the future.”



Cliff Sutherland
West Virginia





- “The artists of Uhl Illustrations have a unique ability to turn the mundane into magic. Dave and Dan are a true pleasure to work with and have provided my agency with a real creative edge for the past eighteen years. They are definitely among the best in the business.”



Winslow T. Wegrzyn
President - Creative Director




- “We’ve found Uhl Illustration to be the best vendor when we need eye-popping visuals. Not only are they easy to work with, but they really bring a fresh perspective to the table. They make my job easier!”



Ken Barnes
Barnes Bros. Creative