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The last decade has allowed me the pleasure of meeting tens of thousands of people at numerous rallies and functions. From this, I have established a loyal group of collectors. When I became licensed directly with The Motor Company in 2004, I wanted to create a new art program, one which rewards the people who support my efforts.
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The Huntress
"The Huntress"
Steampunk Seduction
"Steampunk Seduction"
The Ironhorse Heist
"The Ironhorse Heist"

DAVID UHL Motorcycle Art

Awesome New Release from David Uhl!


"The Huntress"


Featuring model and actress Kristy Swanson,

the original "Vampire Slayer"


Already Rare Call Doug @ (720)  460-7031 for availability!


We are proud to announce the worldwide release of "Jessi", David Uhl's newest addition to his Women of Harley-Davidson collection. As you may know, this series started with the iconic "Ruby" in 1998 and every 2 years David adds a new woman. "Jessi" joins the ranks of Ruth, Evelyn, Stella, Rose, Gloria, Pearl and Betty. "Jessi" was inspired by the WAVES of WWII, women who proudly served in the US Navy. With a WWII SJN T-6 Texan in the background, Jessi Combs (fastest woman on 4 wheels) was the model and Jim Wear (Rocky Mountain Motorcycle Museum) provided the 1945 US Navy Edition Harley-Davidson.



Steven Tyler  Steven Tyler 2 Steven Tyler 3

Steven Tyler "Aerosmith" and David Uhl hard at work creating new concepts and images.


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